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Qustion & Answer

  • QIs it possible to herveting strawberry even in the rainy day?
    Yes, you can herveting strawberry without getting wet inside the House.
  • QWhen is the best season of strawberry harvest?
    Highest season of the strawberry is from March to April, but we are bring up the 4 kinds of strawberries so you can enjoy each taste from January until May.
  • QIs your facility easy for the elderly or handycaps?
    To the strawberry house from the parking lot is barrier-free system, it is passable in a wheelchair. Please feel free to use chair for the break inside the house.
  • QDo you have any group discount?
    No, we don't have group discount. But we can accept over 100 customer on one time.
  • QIs all-you-can-eat without the limit in the strawberry house?
    All-you-can-eat in the  garden for 60 minutes. Please enjoy slowly.For souvenirs are sold separately at the shop.
  • QDo you have any set plan, I want to go on to Hanatateyama Onsen?
    Hanatateyama Onsen is our group company, but is currently under consideration.
    We are planning strawberry hervesting + spa now.
  • QIs not able to admission without a reservation ?
    It depends on the circumstances of the day.
    But we recomend make reservation for sumooth opreration.