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Neighboring sightseeing information

Neighboring sightseeing information map

Chikuzenmachi has beautiful stream and deep green.
The history and the culture inherited ceaselessly roots in this town without fading. By all means, you will be touch the history of Chikuzenmachi you looking and feeling.

Surely "something" stimulating your sensitivity should be found …


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Historical sightseeing spots in Chikuzenmachi

Tachiarai Peace Memorial Hall

1. Tachiarai Peace Memorial Hall

It is the memorial hall of the Japan Army Tachiarai flying school which was the training base of "Kamikaze" special attack unit during World War II. "ZERO Fighter" displaying in this hall.

Sendou ancient tomb

2. Sendou ancient tomb

Side hole type stone chamber in late Kofun period. "Tatemotibuzinhaniwa" has been discovered near-perfect unusual in Kyushu. Besides, an a great variety of earthenware vessel is excavated.

in Shisozima

3. Akasa-garbha-bodhisattva in Shisozima

When I pray, I borrow a 5 yen coin from Bodhisattva, and there seem to be manners and customs to double the money that I borrowed by the next festival when a wish comes true, and to return.

Oonamuchi Shrine

4. Oonamuchi Shrine

One of the Shinto shrines which are the oldest in our country. It is engraved into the torii with "Oga great gracious god" and is considered to be the origin of the name of former Miwamachi. Daikoku festival is carried out every year on February 11.

Soneda hydrophile park

5. Soneda hydrophile park

You can enjoy playing in the water and forest bathing between among rich nature, cherry blossom viewing in spring, the firefly is seen in the beginning of June from the end of May.

Itsutama Shrine

6. Itsutama Shrine

It is a known shrine that the benefit of the quick labor. According to legend, If you sit astride the stone in the side of the main shrine, is blessed with the children such as the ball.

Yakinotouge ancient tomb

7. Yakinotouge ancient tomb

It is rare ‘keyhole‐shaped tumulus' made in the second half of 4 century in Japan. It is said whether it is a grave of the head of the powerful family which ruled this area.


8. Myoujyouin

The shrine which is said to find lost thing or recover stomach ache. you offer a rice cake as thanks when abdominal pain were cured or when you found lost things, you offer a Tofu.